Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage

A self-powered home is one that runs off solar and Powerwall, which gives you the ability to own your energy and reduce your reliance on the grid. With Powerwall you can use more of your solar by storing the excess solar energy and using it at night, which roughly doubles the amount of solar energy that directly powers your home.

During a grid outage, by combining solar and Powerwall, you can extend your hours of backup power. Solar panels, when installed by themselves, are required to shut down during a power outage for grid safety. However, in combination with a Powerwall system, solar panels can continue to operate during a grid outage, and provide power to your home and also recharge the Powerwall in a longer duration blackout.

Powerwall allows you to store 14 kWh of energy and use that energy to run your home with solar during the night and back up your home in the event of a power outage. Powerwall is compact, safe and includes a built-in battery inverter, which provides easier integration and over-the-air updates for new features and functions.

Self-Powered Home
Use solar and Powerwall to reduce reliance on the grid and run your home off solar day and night.

Backup Power

Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power.

Energy Savings
Reduce your electricity bill, if your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan.

Home Energy Control
Manage and control your home energy use in real-time with the Tesla mobile app.

Click here to download the Powerwall 2 specifications

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