Solar PV System & Powerwall 2 battery storage system fully installed by NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractor Lovelace Electrical.

Size of Solar PV System:- 3 KW

Grid Tie Inverter
Above roofing system, other roofing systems are available apon request.
REC award winning solar panels, other solar panels are available apon request.
Workmanship warranty included free of charge.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage System with backup gateway.

13 kWh of battery storage to use during the day or night time.
Reduce your electric bills by up to 70%
Can be charged from (E7) cheap rate electric during the year when solar generation is low, so you still can reduce your electric bill even when the sun isn’t shinning. 

The solar pv system may require scaffolding for the installation and this would be an extra cost of approx £400 to £500 Plus VAT depending on local scaffolding companies in your area.

 Please note, Solar generation all depends on your location within the UK, pitch of roof, direction of solar panels and any shading issues by trees or other obstacles.  

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3KW Solar PV system + Powerwall 2

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