Powerwall is Tesla's revolutionary home battery that stores the sun's energy and intellgently delivers this clean, reliable electricity when the sun isn't shining. combine powerwall with solar to increase your home's independence, reduce electricity bills and create a sustainable lifestyle.

A complete home energy solution

Powerwall's lithium ion battery inherits tesla's proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically. An integrated inverter reduces external components, which simplifies and lowers installtion costs. Powerwall is a completely automated system that requires no maintenance.

Price Breakdown
Powerwall 2 Battery £5225.00
Backup Gateway for Powerwall 2 £1265.00
Labour for installation £700.00
Delivery Cost £ 199.00
DNO application £100.00
Connection charge to National Grid  £150.00
Electrical Certification and local building control notification £50.00

Total cost = £7689.00 + VAT 20% £1537.80

Price Including VAT £9226.80


  • Capacity 13.5 kWh
  • Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
  • Power 7KW Peak /5 kW continuous
  • Installation Floor or wall mounted, Indoor or Outdoor
  • Scalable Up to 9 Powerwalls on one gateway
  • Round Trip Efficiency 91.8%
  • depth of discharge 100%

Supported Applications

  • Solar self-consumption
  • Time of use load shifting

Always Connected
monitor your solar use in real time and receive alerts when powerwall is preparing for severe weather.

Long Life
Powerwall is the only home battery with liquid cooling controls, maximizing battery life and safety.

Weather proof
Powerwall is water resistant, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and operates between -20° C to 50° C

Touch safe
Many batteries have live wires and hot bulky parts. Powerwall is compack and touch safe for the entire family.

Powerwall economically meets the daily energy needs of most homes at one of the lowest cost per kWh.

Flexible installation
powerwall can be wall mounted or floor mounted. Up to nine powerwall units can be stacked and connected.

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Powerwall 2 (installed)

  • Brand: Tesla
  • Product Code: TPW2
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • £9,226.80

  • Ex Tax: £7,689.00

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